Divisions and laboratories

The Laboratory of Anthropology

The Laboratory of Anthropology is the only one of this kind in Greece. It serves teaching and research needs in the fields of anthropology and ethnology and its main focus is on physical anthropology. In the past, it has done research on dermatoglyphics and demography but mainly genetics from blood specimens from SE Eurpean populations. Today, it continues its work on archaeological and fossil human skeletons. Its main research interest is paleoanthropology (human evolution), paleontology (fossil vertebrates), paleopathology (ancient diseases and history of medicine), biomolecular archaeology (ancient DNA) and the dating of fossil humans. It participates in excavations and collaborates at an international level with teams from various universities worldwide.

The techniques applied in the lab are those of microscopy, molecular biology, cleaning of fossils, bone sectioning and geometric morphometrics using microscribe. The Lab is well equipped in terms of computer technology.

The current Director is Dr. Antonios Bartsiokas.

The Laboratory of Paleography
The current Director is Prof. Georgios Papazoglou.