As part of its role as a knowledge hub and intellectual centre for the local community of Thrace, the Department frequently organizes conferences which it believes will enrich the intellectual life, both of its students, and of the wider community. Over the past two years, it has held conferences whose titles, and the name of the member of staff who organized them, are given immediately below.

Conferences organized by the Department

Population Movement in Greece during the 1940s
The Teaching of History
Musicology in Thrace
Ancient Greek Technology
Venetians and other Latins in northern Greece
Approaches to Island Archaeology, with Emphasis on the smaller islands of the Aegean
Religious Tradition, Social and Cultural Aspects of Bektashism-Alevism in the Contemporary Islamic World
Nazism, Neo-Nazism and History Education
Interpersonal and Intergroup relationships in Greece today: Approaches to Contemporary Socio-Psychological Research
The Department has also organized conferences for its own students, so that they have the opportunity to give papers on their own work to their fellow students and to students and lecturers visiting from other universities. Topics have includedPlaces of Memory in the Greek Provinces: From an Ethnographic Approach to an Anthropological Interpretation (22.10.11.), Memory, Identity, Word and Image: Ethnographical Approaches to Contemporary Greek Society (16. - 17. 4. 2012). Further details are available from the conference organizer, Dr. Vassilis Dalkavoukis. .

The Department is also involved in the organization of conferences and other activities of the Balkan Border Crossing Network ( and students of the Department regularly attend conferences and summer schools ( organized by the Network.